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Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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Performance Management

Improve the active sales techniques

Sales protocol

Develop management skills

Powerful and long lasting methodology to drive results

Tools to guarantee a sustainable performance and success


Personal Development

With the tools of Cognitive Metaprogramming and Kundalini yoga work on healing your wounds, self reassessment, self alignment, stress management


Private and corporate services

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Imagine that your perception, your mind and your action change with the help of the mantras.

Learning and development tools: choose intuitively 1 card a day - play the Game of Life on a new level.
Shabad Guru cards: shabads recorded by Sadhana Singh to support you with the pronunciation, the Japji, kundalini mantras and prayers. 

Shabads for Victory, self esteem, abundance, paurees to find your path, let go self destructive dynamics, mantras to turn negative to positive, prayer for the sacred masculine and feminine,
large thesaurus of yoga. 
Ram-DasSadhana Singh
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Magda  Jastrzębska

(Customer Excellence Manager)

I met Júlia through cognitive meta programming. Such a professional and gentle way of helping and going through the healing process together. It’s always a pleasure to work with Júlia.


Leo Cashen
(Consumer Care Specialist ANZ)

Júlia was an amazing mentor when I started at the ABGroup. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and encourage you to achieve is a key quality she possesses. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable


Dayana Rivera  (L&Y CEO)

Through her extensive experience in high-responsibility positions in multinational companies Júlia has developed the ability to motivate and elevate teams from her deep understanding of human behavior. Her warmth and the assertive communication make her a reliable leader, who has complemented her training with techniques such as yoga and cognitive metaprogramming, which gives her a much-needed human profile in the business field.


Israel Alfaro

Head of Retail Performance Manager Cinesa UCI Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany

Júlia was my supervisor as Retail Performance Manager, where her leadership, communication and creative ideas always motivated our team. With Júlia we achieved record sales figures. She created specific tools that allowed us to become experts in Retail Coaches, pushing the productivity of business centers and teams of collaborators to unsuspected limits. Julia also helped create a high-performance team work dynamic, fostering communication to share best practices. He encouraged and directed us to give the best of ourselves and to know ourselves a little better. Overall, Julia was one of the best leaders I've ever had, and I know she would make a great addition to any company.


María Moreno

Sales Performance Manager Cinesa Spain 

I have been fortunate to work with Júlia in the last year and in addition to being a great professional, I have met a great person. He always maintains a positive attitude when facing areas for improvement and enhancing the capabilities of his team. It stands out for an analytical and very decisive vision, keeping the focus on the objective. It makes the people around her grow. You have all the skills to lead all your projects to success