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KRI Certified Yoga Teacher
Master of
ognitive Metaprogramming

International Experience
of more than a  decade


Kundalini yoga - the ancient technology &
Cognitive Metaprogramming - a vanguardist

 tool that
thousands of people tried and actively use to make the best out of their life. 

KRI Trainings in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary
International work Experience: Italy, Spain, Hungary
Internationally recognised masters: Shiv Charan Singh, Sadhana Singh, Gurudass kaur
Master in Cognitive Metaprogramming with Alex Escot

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Is any of these close to your current situation? 



Are you overloaded by experiences and informations and you don't know where and how to approach and face a situation? 
You have to make an important decision and you feel overwhelmed and confused?




Your relationship is about breaking up or already reached the separation point and you don't know how to deal with it? 
Have you lost someone?
Have you lost your motivation? 
Have you lost your job?



Have you tried to fix physical pain and discomfort and you have been told that the root of the problem is psychological? 

High blood pressure, tachycardia, sexual organ dysfunction, etc.



Do you find yourself in the same situations over and over again? 
Are your reactions intense so you loose opportunities and destroy parts of your life? 
Do you have any kind of addictions (work, shopping, social media, sugar, sex, etc.)? 

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Tantric Numerology

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Kundalini Yoga


Upcoming Events

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Cognitive Metaprogramming


Yoga Therapy




1 on 1 yoga class


Corporte Services



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Stoles and shawls

Hand woven stoles to make your outfit perfect or to cover your yoga mat while practicing



4 decks of cards with mantras, pauris of Jap ji, shabads and prayers to deepen your experience and learn more about the shabads


Gift Card

Give experience to your beloved ones: Kundalini yoga class, Tantric numerology analysis or a cognitive metaprogramming session for their well being.

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Real stories of Kundalini Yoga teachers in prisons of different parts of the world.


On a Mission to Change lives

Júlia Gábor has spent years creating real shifts and supporting personal transformations


Dr. Robert Mezei Lawyer (HU) "The thing is, for me, the call word was 'eating disorder', but I got something else, much more. I felt it mostly in the warm-up exercises, but always at the root chakra closure, that the energy starts to flow up from the second chakra and the chakra starts to clear. I felt this more and more directly as I practiced and it has now cleared completely. This has a great significance in this: My lower abdomen is no longer tight, I don't feel constantly bloated; No food coma after eating, which for me was a total loss of energy; and more importantly. I no longer had a constant feeling of tension in my lower abdomen, which was causing me to not have enough room to breathe properly, which was causing my asthma. A few days ago I had an upper respiratory infection. This had previously - because of my asthma - almost always required hospitalization, or at least treatment with steroids and/or antibiotics. Two or three years ago, I might have escaped a similar infection without them, but it requires very serious attention (yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, methods) that lasts not for days but for weeks. I don't want to give it away now, but by the morning of day 4, I feel that I have managed to get through the illness without any particular sense of stress and especially without any asthmatic problems. As you can see from the above, my life has been changed by this story, I am very happy to have been part of it and I am very grateful to you all."

Dr. Robert Hejja CEO of Blue Planet, owner of Kali Art Inn (HU) I had the most amazing experience with Julia and her way of use of the Cognitive Metaprogramming method. Wounds from childhood surfaced to the extent I burst into tears throughout the session. She professionally supported me through the process and gave a liberation technique to leave those experiences and fears behind. A great THANKS to her!

Federico Acuna CEO (USA) I only practiced Kundalini for seven months, and my life made a 180 degree turn. So far, kundalini has made me a better communicator with my family, a less reactive person, a better family member, a focused and confident individual, and a rejuvenated human being. ​In my view, Kundalini yoga is a yoga for your nervous system and brain. Having a good teacher to learn anything in life is a must. For me, having Julia as a teacher, as a friend, and in my life is a blessing. Her love for Kundalini and care and love for others is incomparable and hard to find. ​


We organize offering-based events every month, contact me for more details. 

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