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Mystery versus Mastery

Tantric Numerology

"If you only know the numbers, you don't know anything

If you don't know anything about the numbers, you don't know anything."

Shiv Charan Singh

Ajeet Kaur - 03. Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Simran Guru Mantar
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can tell you what your challenges and what your gifts /knowledge are in this life. 

Give you an insight of your life path and how to trascend your karmic patterns. 

You were born in an exact time that gives you a hint about your soul, karma, knowledge, destiny and path number.

Based on your birthday we have a shortcut to live a life on higher potential. 

1 - head vs heart

2- longing to belong

3- angel or demon

4- trust or doubt

5 - paradox inverse

6 - fear or faith

7 - elevation

8 - finite vs infinite

9 - mystery vs mastery

10 - all or nothing

Tantric Numerology Analysis and your tools

Not only you get an analysis based on your birthday but your corresponding meditations so that you work directly on YOUR strengths and challenges.

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