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Once you purchased a service with Júlia, you find below the


If you decided to go within and deepen your self realization I support you with ancient and avant-garde methods to speed up the process and find your own ways. 

The sessions are mostly via Zoom or Hangout

The Cognitive Metaprogramming sessions are of 60 minutes, 

The Kundalini Yoga classes from 30 to 90 minutes. 

The prices depend on the service and offers you choose.

If you know how this works, click below to book your session: 

Otherwise it is recommended that you read this information: 

Expectations: you probably get what you invest in terms of commitment, energy and openness.

Who will attend you? Júlia Gábor 

About the MC session: you may not drink coffee in the previous 3 hours and drink more water than usual.  You need a silent place where you feel comfortable and safe to open up.

About the KY classes: please be respectful with your body and respect its limitations. You need water, a blanket, a yoga mat and silence in the room where you practice. 

All the classes and sessions are set in Madrid - Rome - Berlin time zone.

The classes and sessions are not recorded unless it is announced before.

The payment is settled before the session / class. You may use this link, or via PayPal:

The session / class can be postponed or cancelled 48 hours before with total reimbursement in case of cancellation.

There are different offers so that you may get the session / class less expensive (age over 60, students, unemployed, etc. ) please contact me with your individual case so that you get a personal quote.

In case you purchased 4 sessions of MC you get a written report with the key points of the process.

It is recommended to go through a process instead of sporadic sessions / classes so that you witness the transformation due to your time and energy invested. 

It is possible to purchase  MC sessions and KY classes for a third party, please contact me for more details and to provide you the personal offer that covers your needs and the digital gift card. 

The mixed sessions of MC and KY brings you different angles and approaches, based on my experience, this way of working on your personal development makes the process fast, clear and efficient. 

There are special offers for couples and family members.

You may find the best option for you based on your life style, time zone and availability:

MC sessions online or personally 

KY classes: collection of recorded mediations in 2 languages (ES, HU, subtitled EN), online classes and workshops in groups and private classes with a personalized process, follow up and counseling.

The services are in English, Spanish and Hungarian.



My ultimate mission is to empower individuals and corporations to make a significant difference in the quality of life of people often forgotten.

I am dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of people in pain, stuck, saturated, confused, wounded, all who need a boost envisioning a happier and deeply satisfying way of life. I hold the space so that you provide yourself the vision, inspiration, and resources needed to be empowered.

Make your life Simple, Uplifting and Harmonious.

About Júlia

Kundalini Yoga instructor, certified teacher by KRI, with international experience and trainings.

Master of Cognitive Metaprogramming, learned directly from Alex Escot the founder of MC.

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