Map your life- find out your tendencies, the systematic order of your life, find the source trauma bond and heal it


Cover up old wounds that still condition your life


Determine inner conflicts in relationships and resolve them


Be prepared for challenges, upcoming confrontations, stressful, tense situations to deal with them in a confident and effective way

Cognitive Metaprogramming uses intuitive visualizations and the symbols of the mind in order to neutralize inner conflicts coming from past experiences or projected in the future.

Works on somatization on the body, pain, tension, contractions.

The sessions are of 60 minutes.

Price: 80 euros

Pack of 3 sessions' process for only 200 euros, 20% off for your convenience

Pack of 5 sessions' 280 euros so that you save 30%, bringing the price of each session to only 56 euros

The average sessions that a Customer takes is of 3-5 sessions (every 7-15 days) and after this experience a maintainance of 2 session every 6 weeks is a recommended option.


single MC session

Perfect option for you to have one session for a specific situation in your life: decision making, a challenging presentation, public speech, negotiation, personal conflict in relationship, phobias, grief

80 euros


3 MC sessions

Ideal for you if your intention is to map and clear patterns that don't benefit you, in case you are in a separation process, transition in life cycles, conflicts in your relationships, you need a new strategy at work, set up your business

200 euros


5 MC sessions

Excellent choice if you are in a life crisis, feel lost, you need a new direction, your aim is to heal old and recent wounds, make you capable to go for the New You with inner strength and confidence.

Wise option if you have various aspects of life to be set and fixed, p.e. relationships, business, social life, communication, old patterns. 

280 euros

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"The sessions are a training process. Through these sessions you will acquire the emotional and strategic capacity to deal with any type of situation in which you find yourself, whether it is to make important decisions, face difficult moments or make important changes successfully." Alex Escot

The most treated topics of the MC sessions are: professional #crisis, #business strategy, #conflicts in #relationships, letting go, #grief, dissolve #fears and #phobias, prepare to #public speech, negotiation, heavy conversations, tough #decision making, #divorce, #obesity, #negative body image, #escape, #hiding, #virus, #self reliance, #sexual abuse


#Make peace with  the past: Cognitive metaprogramming for me has been a new and unexpected experience. I have been able to transport myself to the past, bequeathing again to relive my good and traumatic experiences.
In the traumatic case I have been able to conclude that cycle or perhaps see it from a more positive and constructive point of view, on the good side I have been able to relive that joy and security that that experience gave me.
In short, I would say that metaprogramming has led me to painful points in my life, I have been able to filter and transform that experience into something encouraging and positive.​


#Show up! The Customer knows what she wants to do, how to do it and still there is no result, there is a block, somehow it doesn't work out. She refuses to show up on social media platforms, to bring her potential to the surface, improve her image, etc. 

We worked with CM on the topic "hiding". We went back in time to the 2nd World War times, when her family was affected by the nazi persecution. We worked on these episodes and released the fears of being seen. 

#Viruses: the Customer came concerned for carrying HPV. The viruses are there. The issue that we worked on: why it found space in the system, what brought the frequencies so down that it could appear. We found guilt and self punishment related to the feminine dynamics. We worked on the source memory and the collateral damages. After 2 MC sessions and essential oil support of DoTerra (Frankencise, oregano and rose) the upcoming control did not show the virus active in her. I am still moved. 

#Phobia: The Client had a long-lasting phobia of birds, with one session we cleared that it was a projection of the childhood, the negative feelings were related to an early age sexual experience, vulnerability and fragility. Now she has no fears of birds.

#Relationship: The Client came with lack of authentic communication in a relationship- fears of being expressive: the first love of the Client rejected her at the time she exposed how she felt. At that time she wasn't capable to deal with the heavy feelings of rejection. We healed the wounds and painful memories related to rejection so that she opens up easily and courageously.


#Rejection: The Customer felt insecure in a relationship: he rather closed when it was time to communicate his feelings and needs, he was scared of abandonment and rejection. We healed the source memory episode, since then he is brave at the time of communicating with his partner with no expectations or fears of reactions, having the self - respect and reliability of honesty. This ended up in a more authentic communication and comprehension on a higher level.

#Abandonment: The Client came with the complaint that she gets involved time to time in relationships where the other doesn't want to commit himself and soon abandons. After a few sessions we understood that she was projecting constantly the abusive and humiliating episodes of her early childhood and adolescence. She is in a process of getting stronger and stand up for her dignity, she counts on higher self esteem, able to make a hard decision and let go when a relationship doesn't flow in a healthy and balanced way, also when she observes games she is straight and direct. 

#Mother wounds: the Client is just curious about the methodology, stands that all is fine in his life. To understand what the reason is that brought him to me we processed a symbological landscape where his own mental metaphors showed and processed what really was going on within, what dynamics were on the subconscious level. We found out that he left his path a long time ago, there he lost his enthusiasm and joy of life. In addition, another topic with the mother that affects his relationships with women: what kind of women he chooses as a partner, what dynamics arise and what the basic issue is of these relationships. He surrendered and filled the missing soul part of the childhood, now he is with a  completely new profile woman that has been lasting more than any of the previous ones in the past 10 years.

#Self reliance: the Customer had a tough divorce process, we worked on releasing heavy emotions, feeling of betrayal and abandonment. Rebuilt self reliance so that he stood up for his rights and improved the negotiation. 


#Leadership: the Client had difficulties at work: felt no leadership skills, we did a session focused on integrating leaders as models in his system. After the session he felt much more confident and his relationships at work became more harmonious and solid. 

C.G. Jung Introverted Intuition

People who understand their own functioning with inner images and symbols, see others, dynamics, psyche, have introverted intuition.

X-ray eyes, absolute clairvoyance  symbolize the outside and inside world.

These symbols are used in the

Cognitive Metaprogramming

We work with them, transform the inner conflicts and neutralize the perception.