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Stoles and Shawls

Hand woven Stoles and Scarves chanting kundalini mantras and using top quality linen.

I soak the material with rose oil, lemongrass, frankencise before ironing it. learn more about essential oils.

How to use it?

  • accessory when you give classes and workshops

  • cover your yoga mat

  • decoration in your yoga studio

  • decoration in your meditation room

  • use it as an extra fine yoga mat on your trips


About me

Kartar Narayan Kaur born in Hungary and lived in Spain and Italy.

I started to weave during the Pandemia and I found it so meditative and extremely flowing and creative act that I could not stop.

Each stole, shawl is unique and sopfhisticated.

All were made chanting kundalini yoga mantras and with LOVE.

Hari Har.jpeg

Hari Har Khalsa

It is so sacred and beautiful. I will be putting it at the feet of the Guru.

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