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Dry Flowers


 The last two decades helped me to question everything that had defined my identity until 2000. 
Throughout my intense, multifaceted and expansive life journey so far, understanding my cognitive processes and aligning with my path with Spirit has been a tremendous help.
I have difficult and momentous decisions behind me and I live my daily life with sincere curiosity and devotion. 

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2012 and teaching it in English, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian since 2017.
I have completed all levels of teacher training, but I still regularly participate in many of the trainings recognized by the Kundalini Research Institute. 
My speciality: 
- Tantric numerology (Karam Kriya) 
- Authentic Relationships
- vitality and stress
- Conscious communication
- mind and meditation
- life cycles, lifestyle
- 21 stages of meditation
- sat nam rasayan (pranic healing)
- fear and love
- symbolism of the body

I received training from first generation masters (Shiv Charan - Portugal, Sadhana Singh Italy, Ambrosio Espinosa Spain, Gurudass Kaur USA, Simran Kaur USA, Sat Sangat Kaur Italy) 2016-2022.
In San Patrignano, Italy, I gained insight into addiction issues and how to deal with them. 
Accompanying the personal process provided unique experiences and outcomes. 

In parallel with the Kundalini training, I completed the MA in

Cognitive Metaprogramming (Barcelona 2017) with Alexandre Escott, known in Europe and the US.

During my sessions if the case asks for it, I combine the two methods to achieve brutally fast, profound and sustainable results. 
I have followed such a life path that I am humbly grateful to be on this track. 

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