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Sacral Chacra Healing

Swadistana is your energetic center connected to Passions, Emotions and Desires.

This is our sweet emotional center.

The sexual organs, the reproductive parts, and the kidneys are affected by its imbalance. 

Each chakra holds a different aspect of our psyche as well as has different elements (swadistana is water).


Take back your joy and flow in your life

With a few simple and professionally composed series of exercises, a meditation and a mantra, crowned by nutritional tips and essential oil support you get a complete and effective pack of tools that you may apply any time in your life whenever you feel imbalanced in your second chacra. 

Recorded content for you to turn the instincts into intuition and lift yourself and your beloved ones up.


Be joyful and flow intuitively with life, be prosperous on a new level.



"When I started to practice with Júlia I attended her classes because of struggling with chronic fatigue, I felt like mechanic in my daily life and I had no sexual desire at all, that partially provoked my anxiety. Furthermore I had issues with my partner, since he assumed that I had an affair with someone else, so his worries weighted my feeling of pressure. I practiced for a few weeks when everything twisted. I felt attractive and sweet, my relationships became more playful and I did feel passion for my partner, enjoyed a lot the seduction and in the end I think this practice saved my relationship. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Marian García Yuste

Happy Couple

Is it for you?
Find out wether your second chacra is blocked or needs to be reinforced by meditation, physical exercises and nutrition.

Dualitues and insecuritites block you

Sexual disfunctions such as lack of erection or orgasm may stress you

Lack of libido or the overflow of desires 

You feel uninspired and dull

You have challenges with fertility

You deal with shame during sexual action

You have been traumatized sexually in the past

You have sexual addictions.

You manage stress with sex.

Kundalini Yoga Class

The benefits of the Sacral Chacra Healing

You take the responsibility to become radiant, exuberant and uninhibited. 

Getting rid of shame and sexual phobias you set yourself free and flowing

Your creativity flourishes and expands

A balanced and sensitive sensuality comes to your life

An experienced kundalini yoga teacher provides you the recordings with tested kundalini yoga technique contents that brought amazing results over and bellow 60.

Happy Grandparents

Meet Júlia

For over 4 years I have supported people releasing what is in the way to follow their own truth and take a massive jump in their lives. I have been providing individual support for people in crisis, executives with addiction challenges.


I teach online classes to international groups and one-on-one on ADHD, PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue, lung cancer, and addictions. My daily disciplined practice has sustained a deep commitment to the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga which is a tested tool in transforming habits that normally would take years with a psychologist or an entire life to deal with.


I have worked with clients from Spain, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Poland, and Hungary and the results exceed expectations.

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