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Throat Chacra Healing

Vishuddha means purity - It refers to a pure, transparent, honest communication.

The effective and creative communication is 100% clear and easy to understand for the others. 

Related organs: throat, thyroid, teeth, jaw, mouth, tongue. 

Each chakra holds a different aspect of our psyche as well as has different elements (throat is ether).

On a more subtle level Vishuddha is connected with speaking the truth, connecting head and heart. 

It refers to no judgement, no claim, no lies.

Going live

Hear and speak the truth. Communicate with respect and courage. Take back your own voice.

With a few simple series of exercises, 3 meditations and tips on behaviors, crowned by essential oil support you get a complete and effective pack of tools that you may apply any time in your life whenever you feel imbalanced in your fifth chacra. 

Recorded content for you to invite balance between your head and your heart.


Express yourself with courage.



"I have always had hard times to speak about my feelings, and sometimes the insecurity that I have within twists the message I would like to carry through. I am sure that I have lost the man of my life because of many misunderstandings, unclear communication. I just wanted to stop this. So I found the whole idea amazing: you just get a few but powerful meditations, a physical boost and a clear and concise explanation of this chacra. Now I feel more confident when I speak. I feel serenity and comfort in silence. I pay much more attention to say what I really mean and foresee te consequences of my words. I am grateful and do recommend to all to give yourself a chance to become clear when you speak." Emese Kovács

Happy Woman

Is it for you?

Find out wether your fifth chacra is blocked or needs to be reinforced by meditation, physical exercises and more.

You have difficulties of self expression.

You have physical symptoms in the organs related to this chacra: soar throat, thyroid over / under functioning

You lack vocabulary when you try to speak about your feelings.

You use negative words.

Sense of being misunderstood by your surroundings.

Speech Therapy

The benefits of the Vishuddha Chacra Healing

You take the responsibility to speak your truth 

You discover lies and exaggerations in an intuitive way.

You listen better

A balance between your rational and emotional state

An experienced kundalini yoga teacher provides you the recordings with tested kundalini yoga technique contents.

You may find your own voice again.

Black and White Students

Meet Júlia

For over 4 years I have supported people releasing what is in the way to follow their own truth and take a massive jump in their lives. I have been providing individual support for people in crisis, executives with addiction challenges.


I teach online classes to international groups and one-on-one on ADHD, PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue, lung cancer, and addictions. My daily disciplined practice has sustained a deep commitment to the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga which is a tested tool in transforming habits that normally would take years with a psychologist or an entire life to deal with.


I have worked with clients from Spain, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Poland, and Hungary and the results exceed expectations.

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