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Kundalini Yoga and Cognitive Metaprogramming
Applied ancient Kundalini Yoga techniques and a
vanguardist therapeutic method, Cognitive Metaprogramming 
Both are intense, beautiful, transforming and for sure you will never forget the experience!

If you are in a crisis (separation, loss), you deal with physical (breathing, kidneys, digestion, tension, sciatica, etc) or  psychic challenges (mood swings, attachments to people, thoughts, relationships), addictions (work, relationship, food), extreme control and fears,

I warmly invite you to give yourself a chance, face and go beyond your own limitations.
Transcend your life to a more honest, fearless opportunity and stop escaping yourself.
Leave behind your ballasts that make you feel drowning and wrecked. 
Mediocrity is a choice. Thriving is it so. 

Thousands of people have overcome life challenges with these two methods, be one of them.
I am honored to take your hand on this journey of life. 

The 1on1 sessions are 

Unique and exclusive for all customers.

Based on your current situation and your goal with the sessions (leave behind addicitions, have a more harmonious life and recuperate your vitality, build up an effective strategy to overcome anxiety and become more focused and efficient) we determine the aspects of your life that you aim to switch and the dimension of the area in focus sets the journey we establish to walk through. 

Kundalini Yoga affects deeply and transforms the subconscious mind (habits and believes that limit you) and works also on the physical body having as a premise that body, mind and soul are interrelated so we work on these angles. On the other hand the Cognitive Metaprogramming  is a profound emotional work that precisely neutralizes your inner conflicts. The approach may apply one or the other, even both methods to have a cognitive and a more subtle path. None of them is easy, both are intense and beautiful.

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Cognitive Metaprogramming

Find out in a fast and efficient way your patterns that lead your decision making, the script that you follow in life, the conflicts you haven't overcome yet and you would like to move on to avoid repeating the same stories, same damages, same feelings. 
Get prepared for the most frightening episodes you can imagine and come closer to live a fearless and more authentic life

Duration 60 minutes



Physical, mental workouts for a clear perception, correct intention, precise projection


Reset your energy and frequency



Proven effectiveness after only 11 minutes practice.

Duration from 11 to 90 minutes class, workshops, retreats and more.

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