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Therapeutic application of kundalini yoga meditations 


If you feel ready, it is the right time! 

We work with the protocols set by David  Shannahoff or it can be adapted to your personal needs. These are recommended even for the most polarized cases like PTSD, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, any eating disorders, sleeping disorders -

you may struggle with these diseases or not,

if you are aware of certain tendencies that you want to work on with the help of kundalini yoga meditations- you are welcome to come!  

To find out wether you qualify for this journey please scroll down to the bottom of the page "Do I qualify?" or write me directly «


Next 40 days in groups: 
23 November 2023 - 1 January 2024 Angel and Demon- Bipolar Disorders

520 euros for 40 days  (13 euros a day)
Early bird price: 15% off:  30 days before start (442 euros 40 days 11 euros a day)
Registration here
If you have Questions or Doubts book your FREE 30 min Discovery call here


Wholeness is a cross-border therapeutic program

Behind most disorders there is pain and fear.

 I teach online classes to international groups and one-on-one on ADHD, PTSD, depression, chronic fatigue, lung cancer and addictions.

The disciplined practice sustains a deep commitment to the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga which is a tested tool that transforms fast habits that normally would take years with a psychologist or an entire life to deal with.

I have worked with clients from Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, Poland and Hungary and the results exceed expectations.

I want to take you to a journey which reconnects with the deepest parts of you. 

Apply here
Once you submitted, please send me an e-mail titled Wholeness.

Thank you...

What Clients Say

"I was astonished when my choices of food became the healthy and the light ones, my urge to eat sugar disappeared and the most fascinating is that it was not an extra effort. Exclusively the meditation each evening. I understood family dynamics that lead me to devour and I just let it go just like this. Awesome. "

"I am sincerely grateful for this protocol.

It was mainly curiosity that led me to participate in the group, but I am experiencing unexpected positive effects in my life and my eating.

For one, my perception has become much more subtle. I experience subtle vibrations and energies that I didn't before.

On the other hand, I am subconsciously paying attention to what, when and how I eat and drink in ways that are surprising to me. Before, I had no problem having a couple of glasses of wine. The present situation is that I've started to pay attention to eating slowly, not frothily. So much less food is enough to feel full. During the protocol I started to abstain from big evening meals. I eat little or very little in the evening, then raw vegetables. I have no desire for alcohol. Water, tea substitute for everything, even juice does not taste good. The miracle is that I got all this not with conscious attention, but with natural ease.

I felt the very powerful effect of the mantras I chanted especially in the 3rd third trimester of the 40 days. It cleansed me, uplifted me, gave me joy to listen and chant together. It felt like the mind was expanding.

Thank you so much for 40 days of selfless presence, for your continued support.

Sat Nam!" Teg Sunder Singh

"The thing is, for me, the call word was 'eating disorder', but I got something else, much more.
I felt it mostly in the warm-up exercises, but always at the root chakra closure, that the energy starts to flow up from the second chakra and the chakra starts to clear.
I felt this more and more directly as I practiced and it has now cleared completely. This has a great significance in this:
My lower abdomen is no longer tight, I don't feel constantly bloated;
No food coma after eating, which for me was a total loss of energy; and more importantly.
I no longer had a constant feeling of tension in my lower abdomen, which was causing me to not have enough room to breathe properly, which was causing my asthma.
A few days ago I had an upper respiratory infection. This had previously - because of my asthma - almost always required hospitalization, or at least treatment with steroids and/or antibiotics. Two or three years ago, I might have escaped a similar infection without them, but it requires very serious attention (yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, methods) that lasts not for days but for weeks. I don't want to give it away now, but by the morning of day 4, I feel that I have managed to get through the illness without any particular sense of stress and especially without any asthmatic problems.
As you can see from the above, my life has been changed by this story, I am very happy to have been part of it and I am very grateful to you all." 

Dr. Robert Mezei

Do I qualify for this journey?


If your are under medication I suggest  you to WAIT

until you consult your doctor

If you are and over age of 18 with all levels of experience, YES!

If you are disciplined for a practice of 21 or 40 days on a daily basis- 

absolutely YES

If you are seeking for distractions instead of going deep and  be shifted to a new level, clearly  NOT

 If your answer is "YES, OF COURSE! I participate", do not hesitate and apply for the upcoming series!
With your pure presence and discipline we go to a deep state of being in an extremely core level -

that is WHOLENESS.

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