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Events in 2023

No time to waste, every month you find an event that focuses on lifting up and becoming more aware, more real and authentic. Join us. 


Shabad 3 parts workshop

October 1st, 22nd & November 5th. 

Everything in the world as we know it has a frequency, everything vibrates and so do YOU. You are the creator of your life, and the essence of this is the frequency of your thoughts and words. Who you are today is also due to the vibrations of your days so far. The good news is that tuning into the VOICE, NAAD, opening your awareness and conscious projection gives you the opportunity to experience a new quality.  You can register for it here If you cannot attend, you will receive the recording after the workshop.


Conscious Communication Oct
Retreat in Hungary

The central theme of the retreat: the subtlety of communication.
Communication from the different chakras, the development of subtle perception, the mystery of silence and shabad technology.
Retreat from 27 to 29 October in Sopron in a monastery.
Expect morning practice, lectures, physical practice, special meditations on intuitive and effective communication, a workshop on developing chakra communication and a day of silence 💚

Register here


Tershula Kriya - online series

October 2-8 online 6:30-7:00 am

Tershula is the thunderbolt of the Shiva, the ultimate deliverer.
Tershula can heal anything. It's a self-healing process.
This meditation is for the gunas. It brings the three nervous systems
together. It gives you the power to erase your own Akashic Record. It also
gives you the ability to heal at a distance, through your touch, or through
your projection.
Many psychological imbalances in the personality can
be cured through the practice of this meditation. It is very helpful in
getting rid of phobias, especially father/mother phobia. It is helpful in cases of depression or sleep disorders.

Apply here

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