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Adi Shakti

Truske Slovenia

9-15th September

For all human beings but for women it is key to gather and be out of the daily life's noise, to reconnect with the Self, align with the Soul, experience through the physical body, regain our own voice. 

This is for women and men equally of all ages. 

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Event details

7:00- 8:30 Sadhana

10:30- 13:00 Practice

16:30- 18:30 Practice 

20:00- 21:00 kirtan, dance, sharings

Retreat details

Arrival Monday from 15:00 till 17:00

Departure Sunday at 14:00

Tuesday 16:30-18:00 Breathwalk

Thursday 10:00-15:00 Seaside

Saturday 10:00-15:00 Excursion


- 650€ for adults

- 550€ early bird price until the 31st of May 2024 and for those who stay in their own tent in the garden. 

Special rates for single mothers, students and women in a difficult situation are possible upon request:

The Host

Júlia Gábor Throughout her life she has been driven by curiosity of knowing the unknown and the ancient knowledge of Astrology, tantric numerology, aeneagrama, cognitive metaprogramming, chi kung, and kundalini yoga are the main pillars of the tools she approaches human life. ​ "I have been teaching since 2017, and although I have completed the full KRI training, I continue studying because I am enriched by each course of Kundalini Yoga on the journey of becoming neutral, sensitive and leader of the Self. I have studied in Spain, Italy, Germany and Hungary. My teachers are Karta Singh (Spain), Sadhana Singh (Italy), Shiv Charan Singh (Portugal), Simran Kaur (USA), Gurudass Kaur (USA) and Ambrosio Espinosa (Spain) also gave me a tremendous amount in the field of asanas, numerology, chakras and Sat Nam Rasayan."

Júlia Gábor

Love wins in the end
But not how we imagine it
Love wins in its own way
Not according to our hopes of love
Love wins on its own terms
Not satisfying our conditions
Love wins
It cares not for our whims
Love wins
In spite of our interference
We do nothing in the name of love
Love achieves all by its own name
Love wins by being love
Breaking down our love’s illusions
Love wins because it is love
Beyond our dreams and desires
Love of truth, the truth of love
How can love not win
True love outlives every suffering
It is the pain that heals all pain 
Love wins all through the time
It outlives every drama
Love itself will always win
Sabotaging our lovely movies
Be ready for love to win
Be ready for the lies of love to die
Love wins because that’s where it started
So that is where everything returns
Who trusts the love that wins
Wins true love in the end

-Shiv Charan Singh

The Place

Denis and Tomaž created a cozy and perfect place for yoga retreats in Truške, Slovenia.

The location, tranquility and kindness are the 3 key features of this place.

They are extremely kind and generous people who have been practicing devotedly kundalini yoga for so many years.

The place is remarkably tidy and comfortable. 

In complete silence as it is in the countryside, perfect for walks and time to be off.

From the house, you can enjoy the infinite horizon. 

In the garden, there is a small pool and the garden offers bio vegetables and fruits. 

The seaside is about 20- 30 minutes drive.

All Teacher Training levels have taken place here, the energy and space makes it perfect for peace of mind and inner journeys. 

Write me if you have further questions or suggestions

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