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Rebirthing Kundalini yoga series

Vastness, self confidence, openness, equanimity


Fears, anxiety, insecurities, heavy thoughts and relationships, inferiority or superiority complex

Kundalini yoga meditations to clean you subconscious mind, to release traumas from the time you were in the womb, traumas in you childhood, as a teenager and an adult. 

2,5 hours practice online and offline.

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House cleaning

The 80% of your actions come from your subconscious mind. Clean it and allow yourself to be more aware, clean and authentic. 4 workshops focusing on the traumas stored in you subconscious mind.


Womb traumas

A baby in a womb already perceives it all, Whatever is shocking, sad, heavy for the mother, it is so for the baby and this has an effect on the baby's psyche in the future.

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First 7 years

Whatever happens to you in the first 7 years of life will have its effect on you, This workshop series helps you to release and overcome those imprints that do not benefit you to live a life of full potential.


Subconscious cleansing - heavy stories of the past

When you are not ready to take what life brings to you, it marks you for life and your thoughts, relationships, decision making is based on those trauma bonds. This workshop series allows you to make peace with the past and open up an inner space to have free choice from now on.

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