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What challenges you are facing during your life?

What knowledge and talents support you on your Path? 

What is your Path? 


Knowing the quality of your numbers and there effects on your life helps you to be aware, identify when you are out of balance and you get guidance and practical tools to return to your center and live your essence. 

What you are going to get is: 

Based on your date of birth and / or current challenges in life, you get your personal meditative protocol. During the consultation of 60 minutes you get insights of your numerology and you receive your meditations recorded. 


Based on your date of birth you will receive videos with meditations to harmonize your soul, karma and life challenge numbers, to align with your life gift, knowledge and life path numbers.


Languages: Spanish, English and Hungarian


After the analysis you receive the recordings of the meditations that support you in this life.


In the price there are 3 consultations of 30 minutes included so that you get a follow up and assistance during your clearing, building, growing process.






Tantric Numerology and Meditative Tools

  • Having clear your numbers and their position you get a clear, personal and psecific guidance regarding the ideal kriya and meditation that supports you to go through your path without wasting your time. 

    You get an analysis based on your birthday data, this is of 90 minutes and it will recorded so that you can listen to it in several occasions for a deeper understanding. 

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