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Be Joyful, Be Creative!


Sacral chacra - swadistana - healing with kundalini yoga kriya and meditations.
Recorded online content to heal sexual traumas, phobias, balance the libido, bring joy and creativity in your life


Recorded content made by a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher with several years of experience in the therapeutic application of kundalini  yoga.


Receive your 5 recordings in your mailbox and practice at your own pace.

Price is: 31 euros. 

The price includes:

A recording of a half an hour kriya (series of asanas) to work on the physical level of this aspect of your life.

The  2 meditative exercises are of only 11 minutes each and the effects are felt soon after starting your practice. 

You receive a mantra that supports your process on a subconscious level. The video includes insights of how and when to practice.

You get nutritional advice and essential oil tips to make the experience complete.


Kundalini yoga is an ancient technique to balance and improve your physical, psychological and spiritual aspects in life.  Proven results. 

Sacral Chacra Healing

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