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Postraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder

This protocol is for you if you

- witnessed or experienced an event of threat to the physical integrity of self or others (war, rape, robbed, etc.)

- experienced numbing, absence of emotinal responsiveness

- felt like being in a daze

- derealization

- depersonalization 

- struggle with inability to recall an imprtant aspect of a trauma 

- nightmares and flashbacks with a traumatic experience

- isolation

- withdrawal

- feel on edge: irritability, outbursts of anger, 

- sleeping disorders (insomnia) 

- difficulty at concentrating

- depression

- anxiety

- phobias

- drug and / or alcohol misuse

- headache, dizziness, chest painsstomach aches


Symptoms of hopelessness may be experienced.

You may avoid certain people or places that remind you of the trauma, or avoid talking to anyone about your experience. You distract yourself with work and hobbies.

You may attempt to deal with your feelings by trying not to feel anything at all.


ASD (max duration of 4 weeks) consists of 5 parts. Duration of 52 minutes

PTSD (experience the symptoms for more than 4 weeks): 8-part kundalini yoga meditation protocol of 62 minutes.


The trauma bonds may leave deep and subtle imprints in our psyche, that will determine our behaviors, decision making process, relationships, our present and our future. 


With these protocols you cleanse the subconscious mind and allow yourself to be lighter and free of the shadows of the past.


Once you made the purchase please indicate wether you strggle with ASD or PTSD and you will receive a 3 days program with the recordings and written content in relationship with these cases. 


If you are unhappy with the content, you have 7 days to reclaim you money back 100%.


Stress Release with Kundalini yoga

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