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The power of the words, the sound (naad) and its frequencies affect our subconscious mind. Reciting the Kundalini mantras, shabads works on a completely different level. Allowing the words to penetrate our mind, observe how it affects, transforms, unblocks and balances you. 

A shabad is a prayer due to be sung without ego, attachment or desire, in total surrender to the Divine.


Sadhana Singh recited these 6 shabads and now you have the unique and special opportunity to listen to these shabads and feel the magic of the naad.


You will receive a pack of cards with the shabads written on them and 

1) a DIGICARD which is an innovative and portable card with a password to get access to the mantras  - you will need internetlisen to them or

2) a USB card with the recordings so that you may get access with your laptop without internet.


Both cards are of the same size 8x6 and fits even your pocket. 


You receive the cards in an attractive organza bag so that these are protected and you also receive a booklet describing the shabad technology and the translation of the shabads.


Once you paid for the product please write an e-mail to with YOUR choice: DIGICARD / USB.



Shabad guru with Sadhana Singh digital

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