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Kundalini Yoga Meditations 

A collection of Kundalini Yoga meditations of 

3, 11, 22, 62 minutes. 

30 days unlimited meditation online, you choose when, for how long, what purpose: letting go, depression, fears, radiance, forgivenesss, blocks, calm heart, silence, decision making, frustration, negative mind, full moon- power of the word, heal wounds of love, anger, intuition, attract love, stress management, balance, polarities, merge the Moon and the Sun, self blessing, healer, judgement, trust, anxiety, fear of vastness, shame, blessing, radiant body, emotional cleansing of the past, prayer for women, prayer for men, be who you are, arc line, heal childhood traumas, balance of the women, Shabad kriya, fears of future, overcome fatigue.

You may do 1 meditation for 30 days or you practice them all to find out how it affects you...

Only for 31 euros 30 days


After the payment you receive the link and a password of access. 


Bahota Karam Thesaurus

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