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Our Work

is to support you and your company to be more efficient, more productive and more prosperous.

With applied mental and physical exercises proven benefits are easily accomplished in a short time

It is a simple and reforming way to shift to a new level.

We are people with successful business and entrepreneur background and our motivation is to bring consciousness to the business environment. Open access to practical and the most effective tools of Kundalini Yoga and the avant-garde Cognitive Metaprogramming so that using less time you become more focused and effective.

Studies: KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Leadership and Success

Master in Cgnitive Metaprogramming


We speak Spanish, Russian, English and Hungarian.

We guarantee to adapt the sessions to the Clients' needs in terms of time scheduling and duration.

References: ESSCA, IBS and several CEOs and FEOs individually.

Conscious Executive

Specially for you

This Project is for the Executive who decides to save time and improve the neutral mind in order to be more focused, see how to get to the goal and make fast and correct decisions.

Prevent and heal stress in order to be serene instead of being reactive and struggle with confusion.

This project is the most appreciated of all since it is absolutely personal and brutally effective.

Makes you creative, makes you see new obstacles and solutions, get rid of the obsolete and non productive, increase your incomes and decrease your costs. Make things simple and superb.

Highly recommended before important negotiations, heavy situations and during the process of setting new strategies and ultimately in restructuring times.

It is online (Zoom) 1to1 session of 15 - 30 - 60 minutes. 

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Stress free

Workshops for the team

This workshop aims to support a team of directors and managers who work and exist under stress, deal with short deadlines and heavy decision making situations.

The workshop is in groups and the duration can vary between 4 - 7 and 14 hours.

You get a quick and concise insight in the mechanism of stress and its effects, and practice of 3-11 minutes meditations and breathing exercises that clear the mind, eases the heaviness of the day:

A real support to manage work overload by getting clarity on the priorities and strategies. Brutal effectiveness can be reached that makes your company leader on the market.

Loyalty Project

Make a gift to the employees and make sure that they are grateful to work in such a place where the mental health and physical wellbeing are important. 

Online yoga classes that can be a reward to an individual or a team, they may join a yoga group or get classes specially and exclusively.

Yoga Class

To get more information about the services and offers or get a quote please contact me without any commitment

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International Business School

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École de Management


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