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Way of Consciousness

Meditation - and even life itself - has specific stages that we follow one after the other. You may have a fantasy how it would be and once it is begun you find yourself upset, bored, irritated, frustrated and then you get smoother by focusing, allowing the absortion and the chrystallization of the Self. These are the first 7 stages of any process. There are meditations that help you to experience these phases so that you  become more AWARE, find a DHARMIC answer and get through them. After these stages, the Self Experience gets started.

First seven stages

We get through the first seven stages together in seven days in a row.

First day: Upset

Second day: Boredom

Third day: Irritation

Fourth day: Frustration

Fifth day: Focus

Sixth day: Absortion

Seventh day: Crystallization of the self


In a group online (via Zoom), and you get in a Facebook group where you share your process: during and after the meditation.

You may get insight from others and share your doubts and questions.

Individually online (via Zoom): if your schedule does not allow you to join a group, we find the way together. 


Contact me for upcoming online process in a group or let's schedule your individual agenda. 


You experience on an emotional and physical level how each stage appears in your system, what triggers you and how you react. You experience how you can go through it and shift to a new level. You find out what your dharmic action is instead of reacting as always. Apply it in your daily life, in your relationships, in your projects, in your processes so that you overcome your subconscious, karmic and self sabotaging reactions. Rewrite your life. 

Do you qualify?

If you practice regularly meditations and you want to go deeper in your meditative process , you are committed to a profound self exploration, definitely YES.

If you have never practiced kundalini yoga meditations I highly suggest you to visit the page of free meditations and test how you feel about it. 


In case you prepaid it and cannot assist, please contact me 48 hours before beginning and you get a complete refund. If you are not happy with the process, I refund you 100% of the price within 14 days after beginning it and you being present 80%. 

What Our Clients Say

Melinda Schmidt

When I decided to take part in this seven-day meditation I was at a very troubled and hopeless, low point in my life. I knew I had to make a change, but I didn't know how. This week took me out of my daily routine, out of my comfort zone, and it was good. Even though some days I questioned my decision and sometimes had difficult days, I know now that it was worth its weight in gold. Just the fact that I made a decision, that's when the change started. After this week, the chaos that was inside me has dissolved, thoughts have sorted and I feel liberated and balanced. And the mental chaos became a deep calm. It's just magical the effect of kundalini law. Thank you so much Julia for this opportunity and experience.

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