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It has always been important to take control of our destiny, but since 2020, circumstances are changing extremely rapidly and without the right sensitivity and adaptation, we are living life mechanically. This series of webinars aims to provide solutions and tools to address this.

We should not be victims of what is happening around us and within us. What we create within us is how we vibrate, how our environment reacts to us. That's why a subconscious clearing, a deep meditation can be extremely helpful.

With this webinar series we aim to support you on your way to become aware of the process of creation in your life and provide practical tools that can help you to clean you subconscious mind and control your mind ina. way that benefit you the most.Creation is 80% subconscious, and it is often fear, negative experiences, that provide the ground for our future.Creation begins in a very subtle - etheric quality, and then it becomes thought, word and action. you write your future based on your short term past.

An online webinar series with internationally recognized and respected Kundalini Yoga teachers and the master of Vedic Sciences from who you will learn about the laws of creation.


30 of December

Kaline Khalsa

Kaline C. Khalsa Kaline (spiritual name GianJot Kaur) Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with extensive training and experience in this field, mostly based in Madrid, Los Angeles and Mexico. She practices Sat Nam Rasayan healing and devoted to deliver the Teachings in an authentic and honest way.

11 December

Amritdev Elizabetta Zambon

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a first level Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer

specialized in Yoga for pregnancy and postpartum, Shakti Dance teacher and counsellor.

I have deepened my skills by studying the three levels of the Science of Mind for Leadership & Success, becoming a tutor in the online courses offered by Antervidya.
Drawing on the knowledge I have acquired over the years, I also offer experiential courses, also suitable for beginners and those who have never practiced Yoga before, and which aim to harmonise body, mind and spirit as taught in Yoga.


20 October 2022

Dunja Mladenić

Human beings are creative by nature, our existence is expression of pure creativity. By being aware of our feelings and emotions in different situations and, consciously deciding what we do with them, we can steer our life and our creative expression in the direction that brings a long-lasting fulfilment. It is an interplay of perceiving what is really the situation at hands, seeing its potential in relationship to our life and, consciously acting on it to achieve the impacts, effects and consequences that are coherent with our purest intention.


Dunia has extensive experience in scientific work and yoga practice, leading international research projects, mentoring students and teaching at KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Specialty Course “The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success”.


12 November

Adam Baktai

Vedic priest, expert on oriental cultural studies with decades of international teaching and healing practice. Adam teaches Vedic astrology, Vedic architecture, Vedic numerology, Shiatsu massage. He elaborated and published in 2022 the most authentic translation of the Upanishads.


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