Wake Up -
conscious, spiritual development
applied Kundalini Yoga

A deep, permanent and probably endless process starts to find  a meditative state, a neutral mind

Feel- even if it is for a glance- infinite, shameless, fearless, oneness, shapeless and timeless. All is in every part and in every part it is all.

Taste just once the flavour of oneness, we see the other as "I", see creator, creature and creation in one, there is no more games, no more vengance, no more doubts. We are interrelated, all affect us and we affect it all.

In this module we do transforming kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations, intuitive healing meditations

Sometimes we fake a change: we change how we dress, our actions, the way we talk, but when there is a conflict, that produces the same reaction in us.

There is no change. 

Once you open a door, you create a precedent, so you will use it next time again. It is difficult to open another one. Yoga helps to change the neurotic patterns and change our reactions to the same input - Life cycles course 2018, Budapest.

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