Show up!
Stay aligned with your path

Showing up involves accepting our responsibilities and carving out a self-initiated path so that we can become who we are, find our authentic role in life, and be in service to life. We take our load upon us and help to correct the imperfections we find in the world and in ourselves, which takes a lot of will, especially with regards to planning, retaining focus. Indeed, showing up involves the training of the will and applying the six stages of the will. It takes a lot of strength and the organisation of all our resources to be creative and influence the world with our qualities. (Kenneth Sorensen)

We all have a unicity, a knowledge, a gift that serves the others, if we retain it, we become broken, incomplete, unrealized.

Showing up with a real insight in the ancient wisdom of astrosophy (see below) with the leadership of dr. Zita Zombori ( who has an outstanding talent to download the unseen and translate it in a common and extremely clear level.

The Astroscope shows you the starry sky at the moment of your birth, it is a Star Map the contains not only the zodiac signs but also the constellations themselves and the stars that we know. This shows the energetic system of a person, his / her driving forces and her / his inner world. This Map helps us on our crossroads to find orientation: wether to turn to the right or to the left, shows the shortest path to a healthy, complete and happy life...
Astrosophy allows us to see the milestones of wholeness instead of types of people. This Module gives you answers for the following questions with the help of the axes of the astroscope
Am I complete?
How to live a complete life? 
What do I have to pay attention to?
What do I have to strengthen within?
What kind of burdens (mental and physical) should I get rid of?

Intro in Hungarian subtitled in Spanish- Intro en húngaro con subtítulos en castellano-

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About Zita

dr. Zita Zombori

Zita is lawyer, expert in European cluster policy, life and business coach (Academy of Executive Coaching, KPMG Academy, Bán Coaching & Supervision). Mother, woman, friend, teacher...

She fused the knowledge of coaching with her passion and expertise of Astrosophy. 

For thousands of years the Stars helped wanderers, sailors and magicians in their orientation. The Stars, Constellations and Planets bring us timeless wisdom.


Honouring this let's find back to ourselves and allow balance and alignment with the world.