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CLEAN UP! Cognitive Metaprogramming

GROW UP! Source Memory Healing Meditation

SHOW UP! Astrosophy



" I feel more mature, courageous, honest and open than before. I cleaned and healed wounds I wasn't even aware of." - ML

"It was very intense and practical! What I'd highlight is that I learned new and applicable ways of self assessment and understood which parts of my life are reflections of an old version of me and how to improve them even on my own   - AdN

A seminar that aims to make you become self sufficient regarding your mental cleansing, making you capable to deal with stress, see beyond your own and inherited dynamics and mechanisms, understand the basic universal rules that reigns your life.
Cognitive Metaprogramming, Source Memory Healing and Astrosophy
Many years of experience, crystal clear and efficient
Upcoming online seminar in group:
30-31 January 2021
Price of the online seminar: 300 euros
#you have the option of paying in two monthly payment of 160 euros

The seminar consists of 3 modules which you can apply separately or you may go through the whole process.

- Mapping of Systemic conflicts: First go through your own purgatory to be able to become who you are: with the Cognitive Metaprogramming tools we map your past: the moments and experiences that made you put on masks, distance you from your essence and play games. You learn how to heal these wounds yourself and get strong, self confident and turn to be your truer self.


- Get strong and self confident: the understanding of your blockages, motivations, patterns makes you become aware of your own dynamics. Empower yourself to step on your own path. Learn techniques to become capable and confident in challenging, tense situations.


- Show up: Our life has been conditioned by the time and space of birth, our strengths and challenges are set, go through, transcend, recognize and deal with it. dr Zita Zombori leads this module.


Price: 300 Euros.The modules separately cost 120 Euros 

Duration: 180 minutes each

Online Zoom (or Facetime)

Payment info via mail: julia.gabor@gmail.com

In case of a private training please ask for appointment via mail.

Once the payment is settled we contact you to inform you about the details of the seminar.


You are invited to take part of the seminar in a briefer, recorded version:

you find shaking Cognitive Metaprogramming exercises (how to scan your body and find your wounds, how to heal them, how to neutralize conflicts and how to become capable of challenging upcoming situations- 12 videos).

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: 108 euros

Apply here 

Seminar that supports you to have a new perspective on your life aspects, you learn to use different tools of the new, brutally fast and efficient method of cognitive metaprogramming which is based on the ancient wisdom of Tao.

 This seminar makes you self sufficient in different terms: 

- how to identify somatized wounds on your physical body

- how to heal the emotional wounds

- how to map systemic conflicts in your life

- how to make yourself capable to deal with challenges

- how to become more compassionate with yourself and others

- how to feel really what you feel - be aware of your self sensory system