"To be just to be, doesn't mean that you don't do anything.
Still you vibrate and attract. The action is to be who you are and not to confuse yourself.
Whatever you say, do, vibrate should come from the real you, not from the alternative of yourself.

We try to create our sense of leadership, find who we are and push to express it.

Otherwise we act in a way that is not us and the price of it is way too high.

We accumulate so much pain and karma that is not worth enough."

Sadhana Singh 


Cognitive Metaprogramming

Find out in a fast and efficient way your patterns that lead your decision making, the script that you follow in life, the conflicts you haven't overcome yet and you would like to move on to avoid repeating the same stories, same damages, same feelings. 

Duration 60 minutes



Physical, mental workouts for a clear perception, correct intention, precise projection


Reset your energy and frequency



Proven effectiveness after only 11 minutes practice.

Duration from 11 to 90 minutes class, workshops, retreats and more.