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Weight Loss with Cognitive Metaprogramming

Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Boost your body image with 

Cognitive Metaprogramming that supports you in terms of healing the source memory (rejection, criticism, agression -  lack of love)

that makes you gain weight that serves you in many ways.


180 degrees turn in your defense system, relationship with your body and yourself.

A process of 30 days, 4 sessions

for more information please contact me

In March the price is of 96 euros

(from April 160 euros) and there are


3 participants for free!

To apply please contact me!

I invite you to find out the online options of Kundalini yoga classes and meditations in order to release, recharge and align yourself.

If you need flexibility time wise and you have practiced the kundalini yoga meditations before with an instructor

I highly recommend the Facebook group where you choose when you do the meditation, with what purpose and for how long. Check this out in the shop: 

Bahuta Karam Library

If you feel like experiencing the disciplined practice with individual guidance I suggest the 10 days in a row - with me online (Zoom), you choose wether the option of 11 or 22 minutes is more appropriate for you.

If you have practiced kundalini yoga before and you already know how it affects you and you need guidance regarding a certain life situation (heavy conversation, negotiation, you feel unprotected, you need to accept a situation, examination, love declaration :)), I suggest the S.O.S. meditation (11 or 22 minutes) so that you contact me and I provide you the matching kundalini meditation and guide you through it. 

If you are new in Kundalini yoga and feel like giving it a try, I invite you to book a complete kundalini yoga class with me (private or in a group) and for your comfort it is online.

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