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Yoga in Prisons Ebook with short interviews with kundalini yoga teachers who dedicate part of their life to bring light to the dark, lift up the most desperate and bring hope to the timeless state...



What We Do


40 days - Daily 11 / 22 minutes Online meditation via Zoom

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Kundalini yoga: practice it and you see that you are never the same before and after: your energy, mental state, your frequency and communication change.
You become aware of your tics, your defense systems, reactions, your repressed emotions and thoughts.
This practice brings the opportunity to work on your psyche, body and come closer to your real self
The life cycles that we go through consciously and the awareness in our communication help us to deal with life in a natural, conscious way and with a peaceful attitude versus being reactive and aggressive.
The shabad penetrates directly in our subconscious and the healing process is ongoing releasing and empowering us in a very sublte way.
Quantum technology, timeless, spaceless. The disciplined practice brings the transformation. Awakening the kundalini brings us to a new level.
Creation, strength, compassion.
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Kundalini Yoga Meditations

A collection of Kundalini Yoga meditations of 

3, 11, 22, 62 minutes. 

40 days unlimited meditation online, you choose when, for how long, what purpose (letting go, depression, fears, radiance...)

You may do 1 meditation for 40 days or you practice them all to find out how it affects you...

Your choice.

Only for 25 euros 40 days

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Meditate with me for 11 minutes online 

Individual sessions ONLINE

Kundalini Yoga meditations of 11 minutes 

I invite you to try a disciplined practice and observe how your state of mind, your day, your week, your relationships, your life changes.

Experience the process of 10 days meditation series for only 150 euros (15 euros a session, saving 50% per session).

For your comfort you may choose the time:

every day at 8:30, 11:00, 16:30, 18:30

For your convenience it is online (Zoom)

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11 minutes

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All that comes alive must die. Whenever I have a heavy moment or a challenging period I do remind myself of this, since all will pass. Even you.


Let's not underestimate each moment which beholds a chance.

We have only two choices: choose our ego or consciousness, turn towards love or fear- that's our Freedom.  

Grace or Tragedy.

Kundalini yoga helped me to have trascendental experiences and live them as real as our physical world. 

Feel timeless and unlimited. Feel just the being

Kundalini yoga and the disciplined practice makes me observe how my current mental state is (no matter what I think how I am, the practice shows the reality) and helps me to reassess, fix and uplift myself. 


Daily Practice makes me feel easy with the teaching, I understand the ego games, the saboteur tricks of the mind, reminds me how to go through

Pain and overcome resistance. How to be neutral to my

Resistence, how to become the 


Meditation sometimes becomes mechanical so I could judge myself after so many years and hours spent with the eyes closed. Nevertheless I choose to be

Compassionate with myself.

What really counts - at least to me- is the

Intention. To be more real, overcome my patterns, get out of self pity, anger or sadness and transcend to a higher 

Vibration of the Soul.

C. G. Jung - The Transforming Snake- EN


 Carl Jung about Kundalini Yoga


Conversaciones con

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Gurudass Kaur


Karta Singh


Sadhana Singh



My connection with kundalini yoga started in Budapest, it was a Xmas workshop that engaged me in a way that I decided to do the

Teacher Training so I moved to Barcelona from Málaga where I was living since 2007and with all my openness and curiosity regarding spiritual teachings I attended the courses and workshops, practiced on a daily basis and observed my own process as a refreshing and enchanting experience. 

I fell in love and since then I do not stop training, teaching, experiencing.

My Trainings:

Level I (Barcelona, Budapest, Madrid)

Level II (Barcelona, Ljubljana, Verona, Budapest, Truske) 

Leadership and Success (Ljubljana, Milano, Barcelona 

KRI workshops (Madrid, Roma, Sicilia, Milano, Budapest)

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"Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path."


"All of the Universe is a vibration of energy. We are either vibrating in harmony or disharmony with the Universe. We vibrate frequency through our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and feelings. What we put out to the Universe we receive back, much like a boom-a-rang." (3HO- 5th sutra for the Aquarian Age)

We are energy, we have our frequency as it is all. What if it was in your hands how to tune yourself up?

There are perfumes that remind your childhood, your love, a specific state of mind...

Remember, when you step in a sacred space, you smell frankencise, inhale this essence and space out!

Jasmin reminds your sacred feminine, creative power, power of attraction, improve your patience!

Rose is the highest frequency, infinite love. Choose letting go and welcome the warmth, compassion and be jovial with yourself and others.

Sandalwood evokes your sacred masculine, set your direction, activate yourself!

Fennel grows your inner strength, boosts your self esteem, bring yourself home!

Geranium opens you up emotionally, your ability to connect with yourself and with others, brings you to your heart space and heals the broken heart.Be human!

Black Spruce roots you, supports your rebirthing, overcome your fears, your doubts fade away, eases your anxiety. 

You may find more information about the essencies and how it works on your mind here...

DoTerra is a guarantee of high quality, pure essence

My personal experience with the DoTerra essential oils exceeded all my expectations regarding the brutal results, the experience is amazing...

Below you find a link to register in DoTerra - it takes 3 minutes-  in your own country (choose English in the first field) so that you apply for a 25% discount on each product and you will find monthly offers and gifts of DoTerra. For more information please contact me, I am happy to guide you. 

After signing up, please contact me so that I provide you a free counseling to find the products you need now and I send you additional information on the essential oils regarding

health and emotional aspects of these precious essences.

On request I suggest you a kundalini yoga meditation and / or kriya that supports your process. 

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