My name is Júlia Gábor and I learned Economics, I am a lover of linguistics, psychology and science in general. I did a master's course in Cognitive Metaprogramming and trained as a Kundalini yoga Instructor. In parallel, I have spent years deepening the study and practice of different currents such as Sikhism and Taoism.

My motivation has brought me closer to all kinds of people, knowledge and experiences, leading me in adolescence to win several literary and linguistic competitions, be a social activist, volunteer in NGOs.

After the university I went to live abroad in order to broaden my horizons, to completely get out of my comfort zone. I started working in a multinational company where circumstances brought me closer to the field of direct sales as Executive Manager and my area grew brutally.

Work overload and the need to keep my focus inspite of the increasing work challenged me how to combine my work life and personal life. In search of finding my way to myself, it led me to experience kundalini yoga, which was undoubtedly one of the most important things in my life. The fact of discovering kundalini yoga in 2012, the fascination that it produced in me led me to do courses, workshops, and the same Kundalini Yoga teacher training that transformed my life, brought me completely new friends and acquaintances, life experiences, travels within and around the world.

I realized that it offered a very valuable type of psychological / human knowledge that was different from the ones we apply in this kind of environment.

Through all these years of orthodox and heterodox studies, a great ambition raised in me: to apply my knowledge of yoga and cognitive metaprogramming in a competitive, goal-oriented work environment and check its validity. My leadership changed, the people around me at that time were also influenced by this transformation.

I have no doubt that over the next few decades more and more people will apply tools acquired from traditional disciplines - such as kundalini yoga - and current ones such as cognitive metaprogramming in any area of ​​life, since we become more real, more effective, more precise, more aligned and the results are seen exponentially in every field.