Grow up - Meditative visualization, Rebirthing

This module is about connecting with your emotions, your attachments, your motivations and your true self.

Improving self awareness helps to be present, understand what is happening within and without empowering yourself to overcome the blocks with a neutral mind, from the angle of the observer and make more conscious, corageous and true decisions

This process is supported by meditations with the aim of bringing ourselves home: our love, power, willing and freedom.


The leader of this module,  Anikó Szabadi has done a number of self-knowledge trainings that made her come closer to a deeper understanding of her life. "I can see the reasons- why I do something, regardless if these are good or bad. What games do I play. My relationships are based on what? I have learned to consciously pay attention to the sensations of my physical body, to transform a negative emotion into a positive one. To understand and accept all that my soul has chosen. I have learned to consciously manage my life and create it consciously. I am able to face my fears and pains and let go for a more joyful and blissful life. I can calm my mind and the outside world to look inward.


Everyone is capable of these. Everything is possible and it is time for you to control your life and not the outside world to control you. It is time for you to face your fears because when you are afraid you don't live your own life.

You are not alone, we are here together now to help you"


About Anikó

 Anikó lives in Hungary, her therapeutic sessions are based on the 8 chacra meditation, her wid