Clean Up - Bring light to your shadow

Cognitive Metaprogramming

The first part of the seminar we go through how to bring light to our shades, to our wounds that we have been hiding, avoiding all life

Because if we repress them, we move, think, act, speak out of our wounds. Causing more damage, more unhappiness, untruth

With the utmost effective tools of cognitive metaprogramming we see them, go there and heal them, we do catch and process individual, epigenetic and collective patterns, 

- Systemic conflicts: that repeat themselves along our lives, only the scene and the actors change 

- Masks: we understand with which masks we protect ourselves from our authentic feelings, actions and life

- Heal our wounds allowing a full expression, acceptance, surrender and letting go.

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About Júlia

Professional of Cognitive Metaprogramming

Júlia is the 4th generation of the Master of Cognitive Metaprogramming (2017 Barcelona, Spain)

She firstly used the method to face her own bonds and the efficiency and new perspective that brings the MC brought her to learn more and apply this revolutionary knowledge both in professional and private sectors.